(Spinach) Smoothie

About a year ago, I started seeing “Green Monsters” (aka Spinach Smoothies) circulating in the blog world.  I know – how bizarre, right? Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to add spinach to their smoothie?!?!  I didn’t get it.  I was skeptical.  I love spinach as much as the next girl, but I can’t say I understood this obsession.

And then … curiousity got the better of me and I tried it.  I added a huge handful of spinach to my smoothie one morning, and even though I was fully prepared to spit out the first mouthful I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I couldn’t taste the spinach.  At all. Once I got over the colour, I didn’t even notice the difference between my regular smoothies.  Did this mean I could get in some greens before I’d even fully woken up?!?! Amazing!

Here is the “recipe” for the standard Green Monster:

2 c spinach

1 – 1 1/4 c milk

1 TBSP flax

1 banana (frozen, cut in chunks)


I’m sure this is good but since I don’t like banana’s and since I can never do anything exactly as its written, here is my take on a traditional Green Monster:

Baby spinach, milk, plain yogurt, frozen berries, mango juice (I don’t usually use this, I just had it in my fridge so I thought I’d include it in the party)

Oops – looks like I forgot the flax.  Oh well.

Everyone know’s how to make smoothies, right?

Throw some berries in the blender…

I call this photo “The Berry Vortex”. It’s my new screensaver.

Add some spinach – a few handfuls should be good. Don’t be scared!

A traditional Green Monster doesn’t have yogurt in it, but to me a smoothie without yogurt is like a beach without sand.  Follow my lead and add some, ok?

Then add some milk, and juice if you feel so inclined.

Blend the whole thing up really well…

…and then pour into the largest (tinted) bottle you can find!  Don’t forget the straw, ok?

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


14 responses to “(Spinach) Smoothie

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  6. This is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve heard of someone throwing vegetables in a smoothie. The first time I heard it it was a dietician who said she added raw broccolli–I let that go in one ear and out the other. I’m willing to try spinach though. I’ll let you know tomorrow what I think.

    • I’m glad you’re going to give it a try! Looking forward to hearing what you think!

      • Modern Martha you were right! You can’t taste the spinach. I went easy, only used one handful, tomorrow, maybe two. No way am I trying it with the broccolli though. Now to try the baked kale chips…I’ll let you know what I think!


      • Woohoo! So glad you gave it a chance!

        Let me know what you think about the kale chips; they’re one of my favourites. In fact, I think I may make a batch myself tonight!

  7. Modern Martha, you’re amazing and so are the kale chips! You’re right, they’re great. Cool texture too. I saw a similar recipe last fall that had a slightly different twist; bake at 450 for 5 minutes, stir and bake for another 5-8 minutes. Take them out of the oven and sprinkle with 2 T brown sugar. Booyah. Kale Kettle Chips.

    Now to try the grain that begins with a Q that I can’t spell.

    • Aww thanks Mary, that’s so sweet of you! SO glad to hear you enjoyed the kale chips – I’ll have to try them with the brown sugar; thanks for the tip!

      Good luck with the quinoa – I’m sure you’ll LOVE it too!!!


  8. The other Martha

    My green smoothies are also fabulous. I put spiniach, protein powder, avocado,ginger,cashew nuts, peaches, your favorite tea (green pomogranite is mine), stevia and look out……blend it all together and you have a lethal weapon. A drink that will make your tongue slap your brains silly.

  9. Martha McCarble

    Your smoothies are good as mine. Mine is a little different…….spiniach, protein powder, avocado, peaches, cashews, your favorite hot tea (mine is pomogranite), ginger and stevia. Blend together and look out for Railroad Cars. It is so awesome and it will make your tongue slap your brains silly and get you through the rest of the day without getting off the tracks.

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