Key Lime Tarts

My office had a barbeque/baseball game/wedding stalking session this afternoon, and I was asked to bring either a salad or a dessert to share.  I’m really not sure why – they obviously do not know about my superior baseball PLAYING skills – but who am I to reason with their logic.  I contemplated asking to sing the national anthem, but was gently let down from that to.  So, yesterday afternoon, I did what I do best: I baked.

I figured that key lime tarts were a summery-esque dessert (do you think if we wish for summer it will come?) and would be different than the predictable cookies and brownies that inevitably grace the tables of every potluck.  Besides, I’m still mourning the passing of my beloved food processor and so I had to make something that didn’t require one. These fit the bill, and were eaten in a very short amount of time. Then at midnight last night, I made some more so I could take pictures and share them with you…and my co-workers.  I’m getting really good at this whole “take one for the team” kind of thing, aren’t I?

Here’s what I used:

And here’s what I did:

Dump some graham cracker crumbs into a bowl, or make your own if you are lucky enough to have a food processor:

Then add some sugar and express your artistic talent:

Melt some butter, but don’t do it in a measuring cup like me because then you might actually pay attention to how much you’re using instead of staying in complete oblivion which is way more fun.

Pour the butter into the graham crumbs & sugar, and begin salivating.

Stir the whole lot together, and debate building an (edible) sandcastle or making tarts.

Decide to make tarts, and then add more graham crumbs when you realize that you may have gone overboard in the butter department.  Just a tad.  This is probably the first time in my ENTIRE life that I’ve added too much butter to something, and you’re all here to share it with me. I hope you feel as honoured as I do. Sniff.

I used disposable tart pans because (a) I am lazy, and (b) I am lazy. If you would like to be lazy in the kitchen, you have my permission. Tell anyone who gives you trouble to take it up with the Modern Day Martha but don’t give them my real name – I’m rather jumpy. n Besides, I figured making my own crust and using a disposable tart pan was still better than buying the pre-formed shells that have an expiry date of 2025.

Press the crumbs evenly on the sides and bottoms of the tart pans, either using your hands or a tamper from the friendly folks at the Pampered Chef. Does anyone even have Pampered Chef parties anymore? I’ve never been invited to one, and therefore I do not own a tamper.  I’m sure other places sell them, but I just don’t own one.  Thankfully, I have hands and they work pretty well for this kind of thing. Oh ya, and bake the tart shells for about 10 minutes or until you decide they’re done.

Uh oh…Houston, we have a problem…

We now have graham cracker pies.  Delicious, but not my intended outcome.

A spoon should fix everything. With these tarts, that is. My life is another story but I won’t bore you with the details.

Now, onto the filling!

Zest yourself a few limes.  Yes, I know these are not key limes and I know those are readily available in my neck of the woods.  Or my neck of the golf course, as luck would have it. I should probably just call these lime tarts and consider it a day, but key lime tarts sounds so much better, don’t you think? I’m sorry if you disagree and consider the title of this posting to be false advertising.

Friends, it’s true. I used my box grater to (haphazardly) zest the limes.  I shall hang my head in shame, but before I do, if you’d like to contribute to my happiness and well-being and zesting ability please feel free to donate a microplane to my cause.

Until that point comes, let’s continue with the tarts.

Separate some eggs, and save the whites to make an omelette for breakfast. It makes a good starter for key lime tarts. Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course.

Whisk up the yolks with almost all of the lime zest – save some for garnishing. Please and thank you.

And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

If you guessed that I added a can of sweetened condensed milk, you’d be right.

But wait! There’s more!!!

One cannot make key lime tarts without lime juice, so I squeezed the life out of all 4 naked limes.

Those are some sad-looking limes, right there.

Can you imagine how long it would have taken me to come up with enough juice for the tarts if I had used key limes?!?!? Oy vey.  I’m not THAT patient.

Are we there yet are we there yet are we there YET?!?!?

Yes, we are. The filling has arrived. But it needs to sit on the counter for about 30 minutes to give it time to thicken up, so don’t get too excited just yet.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, 30 minutes has (virtually) elapsed so we can fill the tarts!

I could just eat these right now, but didn’t.

Instead, I baked them. Once again, thanks to the magic of the internet, they’re done! The centre’s are a little bit jiggly – I wonder if this is foreshadowing? – but they appear to be set. I baked them for exactly 10 minutes. I think. I don’t remember using a timer. Sorry, I know I drive some of you nuts and some of you rejoice in my sense of culinary freedom.

Since it was already past midnight at this point of round 2 of tart making, I just stuck them in the fridge overnight.

But then today, before serving them to my salivating co-workers and friends, I topped them off with some lightly sweetened whipped cream and the remainder of the lime zest. They were significantly prettier that way. If you want to be even fancier than me you could do a small candied slice of lime, or a lime twist.  I was going to a ball game though, so I kept it casual. It’s a goal of mine.

Time to dig in!

Yummm….sweet and tart, just the way I like it.  Give these a whirl next time you are invited to a barbeque to guarantee yourself a home run.

P.S. TAKE me out to the ball game…TAKE me out to the show! Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks….


5 responses to “Key Lime Tarts

  1. Mmmm those tarts look SO tasty!

  2. I can testify to the fact that these are some of the most delicious things Ive ever had! I already ate all the ones that you gave me! Got me through my first day of work! Thanks!

  3. Very scrummy looking tarts, I can really taste them. Just one down side though to all these lovely treats. No one knows what Moderndaymartha looks like. How about a photograph to go with the recipes.

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