Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(ds) – Back by Popular Demand!

Have you ever looked at your bank statement and wondered “where did that money go?!?!”.  If you have, keep reading…

Money and personal finances can be a touchy subject for many of us. In fact, so touchy that we often don’t talk about it.  I don’t know what your experience with money was growing up, but many of us never learned the rules of the money game as children. Whether that was because our parents didn’t know the rules, didn’t like to talk about it, or because schools very seldom teach the fundamentals, the reality for many adults is that we don’t fully understand the power that money can have in and on our lives until we’ve dug ourselves into a deep, deep hole (Credit card debt, anyone?) and can’t fathom how we might climb out, let alone get ahead.  Maybe you haven’t dug yourself into a hole at any point in your life, but I’m sure you know someone who has. Whether we like to admit it or not, our personal finances, or lack thereof, have a massive impact on our day-to-day lives.

For a lot of women, the topic of finances can be even more delicate to broach.  Many women either believe or are taught (either verbally or through demonstration) that it is their partners responsibility to handle the finances, and so they have a hands-off approach.  Perhaps others think that they’re not “good” with money, and therefore someone else should be in control. Still others think that their spouse will take care of them, so they don’t need to be interested or involved.  I’ve met many women who are cautious about being too involved in their families finances because they’re worried what their partner will think, or fear that their partner will be threatened by their input. Now, don’t go getting your feathers ruffled – I am fully aware that not all women are worried about this, and by no stretch am I implying that men are more financially savvy in every relationship.  That’s simply not the point. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, married or single, in debt or not,  you (yes, you) deserve and need to know at least the basic rules of the money game. Anyone – regardless of gender – is way more of a financial risk when they don’t know how money works.

The good news? It’s not too late to learn how to make your hard-earned money work better for you.  Whether you have a negative net worth or millions in the bank, there is always room to learn something new.  However, men and women typically think, act, spend, and invest money differently, and so there are some issues that are unique to each gender. With this in mind, my office is having a special night geared specifically towards women on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 @ 7pm where we’ll be covering some of the fundamentals.   Our goal is to have everyone leave more empowered than they were when they walked through our doors. We have lined up some dynamic speakers who are so passionate about educating people in a fun and easy to understand manner, and I can’t wait to attend and learn for myself. This is a catered and ticketed event so if you’d like more information please send me a message and I’ll reserve a ticket for you.

What do you have to lose?

P.S. If you’re reading this and you’re a man, we have some seperate sessions that you’re welcome at – just message me for details.

P.P.S. My office is in Langley, right by Colossus, in case you’re wondering.


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