Cookies Without A Name

My friends, the power of suggestion is strong –  sometimes all it takes is the mere mentioning of a word and a craving strikes.   When someone casually suggested making cookies, that was all the motivation I needed to realize that I did, in fact, NEED to bake me some cookies ASAP.  Since it’s almost Cookie Friday, I figured I could justify it.

However, never one to make just a basic chocolate chip cookie, I decided to whip up a batch using oil instead of butter (I know! I like to keep you on your toes), oatmeal, wheat germ, flaxseed, pecans, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chocolate chips, cinnamon, and craisins.  They turned out fabulous, and – dare I say it? – healthy(ier).

Here’s the problem – these cookies need a name.  This is where you come in – I will bake something fabulous for the person who comes up with the most creative name for these babies.   Feel free to come up with as many names as you can think of…let the bidding begin!


4 responses to “Cookies Without A Name

  1. Chubby cookies
    chubby with goodness, that is. And I’m sure flavour. And nutritious substances. CHUBBY COOKIES!!

  2. p.s. I burnt two batches of cookies last week, one of which had 48 cookies in it. I’m hopeless with cookies. Although I did discover that my oven is a full 50 degrees hotter than it says it is….
    I may not be entirely to blame….

  3. OCD cookies, because they’re nuts?
    Bipolar cookies.
    Anxious cookies?
    compulsion cookies.
    Nutter cookies.
    Or just Crazy Cookies.
    Nutbar cookies?

    Wow, I’m good.

  4. Nobody likes my suggestions? =(

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