Meyer Lemon Chicken

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I try to avoid doing is stopping in at the grocery store on my way home.  “Oh, I’ll just pop in and pick up ____” I innocently think.


“Did you find everything ok?” the nice cashier will inevitably ask as I struggle to hoist my overloaded basket up on the conveyor belt.  Little do they know I probably went in for one or two items, and walked out with a basket full of items I may or (more likely) may not need.  While I’m very grateful to have a plethora of grocery stores in every direction, the reality is I could benefit from streamlining my shopping and cooking process.

Enter Sprout! This Vancouver-based company popped onto the grocery delivery scene and has a goal of helping fix the food chain.  They have established partnerships with local farmers, and – through their innovative business model – have found a way to get local food to hungry consumers (like me! and probably like you!) in a way that’s never been done before.  With a no food waste practice, door stop delivery, and top notch products, I knew this was something I could get behind.

I was fortunate enough to receive a mystery bag of goodies from the friendly folks at Sprout, and carte blanche to play around.  Let’s get cooking!



One of the ingredients in my mystery bag was boneless skinless chicken breasts.  A weeknight special for many busy households, I knew I could go in 4872+ different directions…but sometimes simple is best.  I had a few Meyer lemons in the fridge, and half of a bunch of parsley…so Meyer lemon chicken it was!

No recipe per-say, but here’s the method I used if you want to follow along in your kitchen (or mine, if you’re free and want to come cook me dinner. Ha!)

I pounded the chicken breasts and cut them so they’d cook faster, then dredged them in seasoned flour.  I did a quick pan fry just to get some surface colour, and then let them hang out on their own plate for a few minutes.  No need to wait for them to fully cook at this stage in the game, as they’ll have a chance to finish cooking later.


To the same pan the chicken was browning in, I added one thinly sliced onion and a Meyer lemon.  I took out most of the seeds, but left a few in for whimsy.

Side note: have you ever had a Meyer lemon? They’re the best.  If you can’t find them, a regular lemon will work just fine – you just might want to add an extra squeeze or two of honey since Meyer’s are much sweeter than other varieties.

I also added a few minced cloves of garlic, because – why not?!


Once the onion and lemons were starting to get soft, I put the chicken back on top, and deglazed the pan with some chicken stock. Smelling good!


I then added the zest and juice of another Meyer lemon, a squeeze of honey, and another splash of chicken stock.  After 10 minutes with the lid on, the chicken was fully cooked but still tender.


Cooked, but not done.  Many one-pot wonders benefit tremendously from a knob of butter, an extra squeeze of lemon or lime, and some fresh herbs at the end to brighten up the sauce.

Once I had tasted the sauce for seasoning, I plated the dish up over some steamed rice.


The lemons almost melted into the sauce, which was both sweet and sour.  It was declared a winner, and it was on the table in less time than it would have taken me to stop at the store and pick up food on my way home.

Life changing!


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