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May Madness

You know those people who exercise every day, and who actually like it? You know the ones, they often say that their day’s aren’t complete without some form of cardio or weight-bearing exercise. They even exercise on vacation!!! Yes, I think they’re crazy but yet I’m strangely jealous.  You see, one of my goals in life is to reach the point where I equate exercise with stress release.  Stop laughing, I’m being serious! I have a feeling it will be a whole lot kinder to my hips than the cooking and baking (and then eating) I normally do when I need a distraction from life.  In no way, shape, or form am I willing to give up creating culinary masterpieces; instead, I’m just looking for a slighter healthier habit to complement my hobby.

I don’t know about you, but I have a very love/hate relationship with exercise.  Since I am the queen of rationalization, here is a small snippet of the pros/cons list that is going on in my head when it comes to exercise: I (usually) love the gym once I’m there, but I hate leaving my down duvet any earlier than absolutely necessary.  I love the extra burst of energy it gives me, but I hate the extra laundry it creates.  I love feeling the change in my muscles, but I hate working out by myself. Shall I continue? Fine, I’ll save you the pain, since I’m sure most of you get the idea.

As far as exercise goes, I do much better if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…in other words, I’m motivated by rewards.  You may think that increased energy and a renewed livelihood would be enough, but no, I need to get some new clothes, shoes, facial, and/or pedicure out of the deal to make me feel like it’s worth it!  If I’m going to get up earl(ier) I need to know it’s for a good cause.  Like a massage and red toenails, for example.

Here’s the plan:

My goal is to earn 21 stickers in May.  Why 21, I hear you asking? Experts say that after doing something 21 times a new habit will have formed, so I figure its a good number to shoot for. So, if I can drag myself earn 21 stickers for the month then I’ll get a reward! I’m not quite sure what that reward will be yet…any ideas? Send them my way, along with any exercise-related tips you feel like sharing!