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What’ll it be?

I just got an email announcing the 12 Days of Sharing (Christmas?) at Starbucks.  Naturally, this made me want to do a giveaway on my blog.  Because really, what does Starbucks have that I don’t?  Granted, I may not be able to provide lattes-on-demand but I can do something fun.   So, the first person to comment and correctly guess what I made out of the ingredients displayed in this picture will win something delicious from yours truly (actual item to be determined by geographical proximity of the winner and myself).

Happy guessing!

P.S. It would appear that there is one ingredient missing from the photograph…oops! This ingredient can either be homemade or purchased in the frozen aisle of the grocery store, and contains lots of butter.  Now do you know?


Culinary Play Date

Lunchtime planning session: $14.29

Money spent on cookies and candy Groceries: $19.28

Quality control and internal consumption: 43.25 recorded incidents

Time spent playing instead of packing: 5 hours

Remedial session in the gym to counteract sugar consumption: 1 hr

Having a date with an incredible 8 -year-old? Priceless.