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Culinary Play Date

Lunchtime planning session: $14.29

Money spent on cookies and candy Groceries: $19.28

Quality control and internal consumption: 43.25 recorded incidents

Time spent playing instead of packing: 5 hours

Remedial session in the gym to counteract sugar consumption: 1 hr

Having a date with an incredible 8 -year-old? Priceless.

Yogurt Cheese

Sometimes, I do weird things.  Alright, it’s more like often but really, who’s counting (please don’t raise your hands).  Whether its going to heroic lengths to save a $0.59 bunch of cilantro or buying 2 kg of plain yogurt just because I lose all of my rational decision making ability when in Costco, I am sometimes left with more than I can chew…literally.  As a result, amongst my other impulse purchases I’ve had 1.5 tubs of plain yogurt staring pathetically at me every single time I open up my fridge for the past few weeks.  I can only have so many smoothies before getting completely bored, and besides, I am always on the lookout to try something new.

Which brings me to…yogurt cheese! I was going to make a cake with the yogurt, but then I quickly remembered that I need a cake like I need more shoes.  Wait – I DO need more shoes so I guess that was a bad analogy.  Whatever – you get the point.  I’ve known about yogurt cheese for years, but have never actually made it so I figured now was as good of a time as any to give it a whirl.

It’s super easy – here’s what you do:

Put a strainer over a bowl, and line it with cheesecloth:

Dump the yogurt into the bowl:

Cover and refrigerate for 12-24 hours, or until the whey has all drained from the yogurt.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Once mixed up a bit:

Hmmm…interesting.  Would you like my thoughts on this? Here they are, in no particular order:

– Yogurt cheese is supposed to have the consistency of spreadable cream cheese; mine was more like sour cream after 24 hrs of draining. Fine for a dip, but not for putting on a bagel. False advertising?

– I was surprised at how tart it was – likely because I used fat-free yogurt.  I mixed some salt in and that helped some, but I will have to doctor it up more before its edible.

– This was easy but for the real estate it took up in the fridge, I would probably just buy Greek yogurt or sour cream to make a dip in the future.

Oh well! Twas a fun experiment while it lasted 🙂

What shall we try next?

One potato, two potato, three potato…four!

I love a good deal.  It doesn’t matter if its on clothes, shoes, furniture, books, or groceries, if its on sale and I think I have a use for it (either now or in the next 5 years), I want it to come home with me.  This sometimes works to my benefit, but then there are the times that I end up with close to 10 lbs of russet potatoes for no good reason except they were ridiculously cheap and I got carried away filling up a flimsy plastic bag while talking on the phone.

So – that leads me to my current dilemma.  I know potatoes last for a long time – which is great because I would get very tired of eating them regularly – but I typically don’t eat very many potatoes or potato-based things so I’d love some ideas on what you’d use them for besides the expected.  Sure, anyone can bake, mash, fry, or roast a potato, but I want to know what you would do.  Would you make gnocchi? Potatoes dauphinois?  Latkes? Scalloped potatoes?

I can’t handle the suspense!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am going to go make breakfast.  Let’s just say that it may involve potatoes.